Computational Science and Data Science

Hans Fangohr

Hello World from Pelican

Hello World from a Pelican static blog.

For many years I have used Michael Foord's marvellous rest2web to build static webpages from restructuredtext. Examples include my professional webpage, but also various pages for teaching material (for example the feeg1001 module) and open source code such as our micromagnetic simulation package Nmag.

The benefits of creating html pages from a set of static restructuredtext sources include that content can be created relatively painlessly using a high level mark up language (and not raw html, say), the building process can take care of the linking of different sections, the use of templates for all pages ensures (or at least allows) to achieve a somewhat coherent style.

Time has moved on since then, and several tools have become available that have taken this idea further, including Pelican. I will give this a shot for some time to see how it goes.